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PERFORM™ connects data, technology, and people for better, 

more cost efficient wellsite management.

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Digital Influence Positively Changing Human Behavior in the Energy Industry.

The Digital Influence of the Human Behavior that Travis Laman designed into the PERFORM™ Platform simply enforces your company's best practices and safety policies into your daily job. While educating each user and influencing professional growth no matter how long the user has been in his or her job role. 

PERFORM™ makes it possible for a first year employee to be able to achieve the same results as much more seasoned professional.

Digital Work Flow

Learn how the PERFORM™ Platform can measure compliance of your field operations. Drilling, Frac, CTU Drill outs, Completions, Work Over, LOE, Construction, Maintenance, and Daily Production/Operations.  

Next Generation Water Trucking Management

This is one of our Beta Test locations near Fort Stockton Texas. 

About Us


Designed for Safety & Success

  Non-productive time (NPT) and cost overruns can dramatically impact your profits and production capacity when things do not run smoothly. DELTA PERFORM™ set out to change the way that Drilling and Well Site Managers, Business Unit Engineers, and vendors collaborate on drilling and well completion projects. Creating the industry's first Disruptive Technology Platform of Oil and Gas Exploration Innovation.  We observed the complex work world they all navigate every day; demanding schedule, complex procedures, coordinated communication among multiple partners, vendors and company men, and above all, safety must be skillfully balanced in order to operate successfully. Using our goal directed design process, the DELTA PERFORM™ team is ready to show you and your team how the Digital Influence of PERFORM™ can help all members of your Drilling and Completion teams successfully meet their goals, while giving everyone better organized, more collaborative, and more transparent views into their work together. In addition, PERFORM™ reduces your capital costs by 8%. 


How do you reduce NPT & improve Safety?

  PERFORM™ digital intelligence for oil technology was designed in the Permian Basin by Permian Basin drilling and completion experts. PERFORM™ is an industry game changing solution of Digital Influence that connects Drilling & Well Site Managers in the field with their business unit engineers, vendor partners, and other team members to plan, manage, and communicate about drilling and well completion projects in real time, mitigating NPT and failures.   

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